Yummy !!!

For the Love of Pizza

So it may sound cliché being a food lover and all, but my favorite food is pizza. I have and always will love pizza. I even worked at a pizza place right after high school, granted it was a job, but I actually enjoyed making pizzas.

Is is the warm crust, the taste of the tomato sauce, the gooey cheese or the array of toppings that I like so much ? Honestly I don’t know, but I do know it sure taste good taking a bite of pizza.

Now I am a dipper. I love to dip my pizza in ranch,thousand island, garlic butter,or just more marinara sauce. People will ask me Michaela don’t you think that takes away from the pizza? No I think it only adds to it. Now you may disagree and that’s okay because everyone likes their pizza different way.

Here are some pizzas to feast your eyes on.

IMG_20140320_202443 IMG_20140320_195814


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