The Country Life

Story Time

Every family celebrates holidays differently, but most southern families celebrate Thanksgiving the same way. We celebrate by cooking enough food to feed an army then we stuff ourselves.

Every Thanksgiving our family has a big dinner at my Nana’s house. Nana always cooks the turkey and dressing and Poppie always makes homemade yeast rolls. Everyone else brings two or three dishes and everything comes together to be a feast.


Once everyone arrives and the food is ready. We all circle around and say the blessing over the food thanking God for the wonderful opportunity to share this day with family and having the previsions we have. Then we dig in. We eat until we have to unbutton the top button of our pants. Then the men usually go outside and walk around and talk, while the women clean up and put the food away. Then we all come back in for some desert and catch up with everyone. Usually a game of rook breaks out and the afternoon turns into night.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not just because all the delicious food but because of the wonderful family time.



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