The Country Life

A Memory Relived

Life’s a Candy Store

To be a kid again even if it is just for a day. Gosh, at the times I have heard this phrase come out of my mouth. I believe everyone wishes at some point in their adult life to go back to being a kid again. I mean why not, having a stressless day and getting to do whatever makes you happy. If I had 24 hours to be a 6-year-old kid again what would I choose to do and where would I go. Let me just take you back to a memory that I would relive in a heartbeat.

Picture this, it is summer in Northern Alabama the temp is a nice 85ºF with a slight breeze blowing. A house sits by a field with two horses, the back yard is shaded by a huge weeping willow tree, tied to a limb is a swing and a picnic table sets off to the side still in the cool shade of the tree.
The house was nothing compared to some of the nice houses today, but it was my castle to roam and play as I pleased as long as I wasn’t making a mess. It had a big screened in porch on the backside of the house. This is where my story begins.

My mom pulls up the driveway and I jump out of the car, walk up the steps and there stands my Nana waiting on the porch for me. I run and give her a hug. We go inside and she fixes me a breakfast of cream of wheat. After I have eaten my breakfast I go into the living room and watch Barney while Nana cleans up breakfast. After that goes off I grab my doctor’s bag and some baby dolls and nana and I play doctor. First I play the doctor and Nana is the mom that brings her kid in to see me. Then we switch up and Nana becomes the Doctor while I play the mom. I eventually get tired of playing doctor and decide to go outside on the porch. When I get outside I jump on my bouncy horse and pretend I’m a cowgirl ridding the open prairie.

As time passes and lunch time rolls around Nana fixes me a bologna and ketchup sandwich(because at that time I couldn’t get enough bologna. I absolutely loved it.) and some chips to go with it. I eat at the bar while Nana is watching her “stories”, which are soap operas.
After I’m done eating, I go outside and swing on my swing. The picnic table was just close enough that I could climb up on top of it and swing from it. Man did I swing high, so high I thought I could touch the clouds with my toes.

Soon my Poppie rolled in from work. He goes inside and tells Nana he’s home and gives her a kiss. Then he starts outside to check the horses, Lady and her foal Princess. And her I go tagging along right behind him. We go into the little barn ( I can still to this day smell the mixture of sweet feed and hay) and dump sweet feed out for the horses and make sure the water was fresh. After they ate Poppie got the halter,lead rope,saddle blanket and saddle down. “Get back” he tells me as he saddles her up just incase she gets spooked. Then once she was saddled he set me on top. I hold on to the saddle horn as he leads me to the gate then into the yard where he walks Lady  around. I am having the time of my life ridding this beautiful strawberry roan horse. Then it is time to put her up, so Poppie stretches out his arms and fall into him. Then I run back to the house and tell Nana of the adventures.

Mom will soon be pulling into the driveway.
I am playing with my toys over in the corner by the built-in desk and bookcase when I hear tires on the gravel road then, Nana says “Someone’s here”. And that’s my cue to hide behind Poppie’s recliner(this was an everyday ritual). Mom comes in and hollers for me in between talking to Nana. Then she ask Nana ” Have you seen Michaela”. Nana would always reply “no I haven’t”. I would giggle and mom comes into the living room to find me hiding behind the chair.

Then we load up while I’m crying ,because I don’t want to leave Nana’s house. I finally calm down halfway down the road and mom proceeds to ask me about my day. I tell her of all my adventures. Before I know it we are pulling into the driveway. We get out of the car and mom starts fixing dinner, while I watch tv. Then dad walks in from work and I give him a hug. We all have supper and dad tells stories about this funny man that he works with and we all laugh and enjoy each others company. Time passes and it is time for bed mom and dad tucks me in on the bottom bunk of my  red bunk bed. They each give me a hug and a kiss. Then I drift off to sleep to mom sing “colors of the wind” to me.


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