The Country Life

Christmas Dinner

Friday was what was supposed to be one of the happiest days this year, Christmas. But mother Nature had other plans to flood the area, but we didn’t let that stop Christmas. We woke up and read the Christmas story in Luke, opened gifts, and had a good ol time. Then it was time to make the trek to Nana’s house for more gift giving and food. Oh how we can’t forget food.
Once we got to Nana’s we all prepared the dinner, the Christmas ham still needed a few more minutes to cook, so the whole family piled in the living room to open more gifts. We were beyond blessed with all we received. We were about to be more blessed with the delicious spread of food set before us. We had spiral sliced ham, cheese ball, ham ball, barbecue, slaw, apples, oranges, buffalo chicken dip, and crackers and chips for dipping. Of course on the desert table was fruit cake, correction Poppie’s famous homemade fruit cake. Along with my cousins chocolate cake which is the best chocolate cake ever. I don’t like chocolate cake, but I will tear into her chocolate cake. We ate until we were stuffed as normal. Then we all lazed around and cat napped for a bit. Then the family time began again, with games of rook, and joyous singing from the cousins. I would say Christmas was a success despite Mother Nature’s attempt to ruin it.


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