Hey y’all

My name is Michaela. I am a country girl who loves to cook. I live in the great state of Alabama in a small farming community. I have lived here my whole life of 22 years and I love it. Cooking is my passion. I love the whole process of it, well besides the cleaning up and doing dishes part at the end. There is nothing better than creating something you can eat, because everyone in the south loves to eat.

I am currently an online student at The University of Alabama. Where I am majoring in business and minoring in computer technologies.  Yes, I say Roll Tide. I have a full-time job working at a hospital in the emergency room, so my work is never dull. I have a wonder husband of four months, so I am relatively new at the wife stuff. I love running my own house, especially having my own kitchen. My kitchen isn’t much, but its my creative sanctuary.

Blogging of food is not the only purpose of my blog. I also want to share with you stories from my childhood and the country life I have grown up in. I hope you will enjoy the southern cooking I will show case and the stories of times past.

Have a great day 🙂



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