Here are several links of sites I believe you will enjoy.

  • – The Pioneer Woman has everything on her site from recipes, to stories of her life, and even great giveaways. Her recipes are amazing and look so yummy.
  • – This is a great website for any and every recipe you can think of. It showcases pictures taken by normal everyday pictures and not just “foodie” pictures, so you can see just what it will look like when it is done.
  • – Here you can find cooking shows for viewing, so you can walk through cooking a meal with a tv cooking channel star.  This also has recipes for any food imaginable and you can catch up with your favorite chefs and see what they have been cooking.
  • – This is a good blog , by a woman named Lindsay. She has irresistible looking recipes and a great story to tell.
  • –  This is another blog by a lady named Jeanine who “loves food that’s fresh, bright and often finished with a squeeze of lemon.” She also has lots of homemade and handmade gift ideas on her blog.



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